Adding a Mailing List

To add a mailing list, use the subscription form or send a mail to (which is gated into the gmane.discuss newsgroup). Almost any mailing list can be added. Just include subscription information.

To add a mailing list with the least work (for me), please include the following information.

  • The email address of the mailing list itself.
  • The topic of the mailing list, if it isn't obvious from the name.
  • If possible, the type of the mailing list software used.
With these three things, I'll then construct the following Gmane configuration line: Security Vulnerabilities::ezmlm
I then run that line through various scripts, and the list is added within minutes.

The types of mailing list used is usually one of these:

  • mailman
  • ezmlm
  • majordomo
  • listserv
  • egroups
If you don't know the mailing list type, I can usually figure it out myself by poking around a bit, but please include an URL to the mailing list admin page in that case.