Here's a brief overview of what Gmane does.
  • Mailing lists are gatewayed into news groups. The news groups are never expired.

  • The mail is run through mail-to-news conversion filters. Messages that SpamAssassin says are spam are cross-posted to gmane.spam.detected. This can be disabled on a group-by-group basis.

  • A header containing an URL is added to all messages. Any user can click on this URL to report a message as spam/not spam. Administrators later use a different web interface to approve/reject these reports.

  • Gmane has more stats than you can shake a stick at.

  • Mail addresses can be encoded on a list-by-list basis, and each individual user can override/set encryption on a message-by-message basis by using the X-Archive header.

    The incoming mail queue is usually pretty short, ensuring that the archive is very current.

  • Gmane provides a TMDA-fueled mail forwarding service usable by anybody.

  • The mailing lists can be read via the news interface or the web interface.

  • Articles posted to Gmane newsgroups are forwarded to their respective mailing lists after the user has gotten a per-group authorization.

  • Messages are properly cross-posted to their respective groups if they are cross-posted to several mailing lists. Messages cross-posted to several groups are sent to all their respective mailing lists.

  • Posting to a moderated or read-only mailing list will result in a bounce message.

  • The expiry header is respected.

  • Mailing list archives can be imported.

  • All mail from the mailing lists is run though the clamav virus scanner. Anything that clamav identifies as a virus is discarded.