Importing Archives Into Gmane

Mailing list archives can be imported into Gmane.

Archives to be imported can be in one of two formats: Either a tar file of a one-message-per-file directory, where the files have names that increase numerically, or a Unix mbox file. No other formats are acceptable. A Unix mbox file is preferred.

If you wish to have an archive of a mailing list you administrate imported into Gmane, send a mail to Lars with the URL of the mailing list archive, and which group it should be imported into. Duplicates are ignored when doing an import, so a total archive of the list is ok -- no pre-filtering of messages is necessary.

The list admin/owner should OK this before the archive is imported. If you're the list admin, please say so in the email where you request the import. If not, please get in touch with the list admin first and get an approval before you request the import. The list admin often has access to an mbox format mail archive for the list, so get the URL for the archive at the same time.