we:search is a specialized news/mail search engine designed to be able to handle tens of millions of messages. It can add new messages to its index in real time, which makes it ideal for providing up-to-the second search results for a news spool. If you have a large data set, you'll need much disk and RAM for we:search to be able to give satisfactory results.
  This search engine is a spin-off from the Gmane project. Various general search engines were tested and discarded. There are many excellent free search engines available, but none of them seem to be well suited for indexing tens of millions of documents in a speedy manner.
  The sources for we:search are available for downloading. It's released under the GNU GPL, and has only been tested under GNU/Linux. The requirements for compiling it are glib, gmime and the normal GNU tool chain.
  Documentation and installation instructions for we:search are included in the source package. Download it, unpack it and read the INSTALLATION and README files.
  The author of we:search is
Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen.